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Aaron’s Quality Cleaners is proud to offer you the most comprehensive carpet cleaning services available in Orange County. We utilize only the most effective equipment and green cleaning solutions when working in your homes or business, and place the highest value on customer service. From the first phone call to the final product, Aaron’s Quality Cleaners is committed to our customers.


When providing our service, the first thing we do is pre-spray treat the entire carpet. Pre-spraying is a fundamental component of carpet cleaning, and serves to loosen up soil, dirt, and germs that have attached themselves to the porous hairs of your carpet. Once these compounds have been loosened up, they are more easily removed during the cleaning and extraction phases of our service. Often times, companies either do not provide our pre-treatment service, use it only on high traffic areas, or charge extra for pre-treatment as an additional service.

Because of its importance, we are proud to offer pre-treatment to all of ur customers as a part of our standard carpet cleaning service. It is our experience that any carpet cleaning service that does not include this fundamental cleaning procedure is skipping one of the most important steps. Our goal is to leave your carpets fresher and cleaner than when they were first installed, and to earn your business for a lifetime.

Steam Cleaning

After pre-treatment, your technician will begin steam cleaning the desired area. Steam cleaning is a process that utilizes water heated to upwards of 240 degree to remove all of the dirt and grime ground into your carpet. The water we use during our steam cleaning is heated by our truck mounted generator until it begins to steam, then applied to the surface of your carpet.

In addition to removing dirt and soil, steam cleaning uses water hot enough to kill any germs and bacteria that are growing in your carpet. The rotary extraction machine is also an industrial machine, and has the capability to really get into your carpets and remove dirt and bacteria deep beneath the surface.

Check out this video of the award winning process we use when cleaning your carpets.


Next, we move on to a process known as “agitation.” Even with the combination of pre-treatment and steam cleaning, some of the dirt and debris is still able to cling to the individual porous hairs of your carpet. Hot water is alone is not enough to get the job done. A thorough cleaning requires scrubbing- or agitation- to remove the stubborn soil still sticking to the carpet. All of our technicians utilize a rotary extractor, which is called the Hydramaster RX-20.

This professional device is the Rolls Royce of rotary extractors, and provides a better clean than any other device on the market. Having a machine like this makes all of the difference when scrubbing, and is exponentially more effective than renting a carpet wand. The improvement is obvious, and all of our customers who have previously used their own carpet cleaning equipment- or a company without this device- are amazed with how clean and fresh their carpets look after we finish.

The Hydramaster RX-20 is an expensive investment, but its effectivity shows our customers that we are dedicated to providing a thorough, professional service. Many of our customers are property managers for apartment complexes, and are left with some pretty beat up carpets after their tenants leave. The difference we are able to make after completing our service is essential in keeping them from having to re carpet the entire apartment, and saves our customers time, money, and a huge headache.


Extraction is the final step in our carpet cleaning process. Other companies we have come across either skip this process entirely, use low caliber equipment, or provide this service inadequately. Skipping the extraction process can leave your carpets only partially cleaned, and doing a poor job can result in two major issues:

  1. Your carpets could take days to dry. Just like any other damp, wet environment, wet carpets are the ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.
  2. Your carpet will attract more dirt and debris because the detergent is still present. Detergent is designed to deliberately made to attract dirt, and if it is not thoroughly removed through the extraction process, it will continue to attract soil and debris long after your carpet cleaner has been paid and walked out the door. This could leave you with carpets that are even dirtier than when you hired a professional to clean them.

Additional Services

Spot and Stain Removal

Even though these words are often used interchangeably, there are major differences between stains and spots. Spots are a discoloration or dark blemish on your carpet, and we are able to remove them through our standard cleaning process. Spot cleaning is included in all cleaning services, and we do not charge an additional fee for spot removal. Stains, however, generally have a color to them, and are the result of a liquid that has been spilled on, or leaked into, your carpet.

Examples of common stains we encounter are wine, coffee, ink and gum, and each stain requires a distinct process to remove it. Because of this, we do charge an additional fee for stain removal, which varies depending on the size and source of the stain. That being said, the price isn’t significant, and we are able to remove most stains.


After your technician has finished cleaning, we use a process called raking. This allows the hairs to all stand up evenly and in the same direction, and give your carpets a uniformed, even look. Raking also allows your carpets to dry more quickly.

Professional Service With a Smile

We may not need to elaborate on this, but we guarantee your technician will be professional and pleasant. Our attitude and customer service is one of the most important aspects of our service!

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